Product details:

Model: Shredders, grinders, chippers, widrowturners
Types: Hammers, knives, baskets, bolts, clamps, nut, screws, flail

Drum Technology is your partner in wear parts. We know that you work with machines on open air area and you are highly liable on weather conditions, not only soft but extreme also. Your machines are also exposed on a material hardness beacouse you never know what you put inside them. Your machine faces a new challange every day. With our own experiance in recycling sector we know what to do to keep your machines running as long as possible without any downtime periods.We perfecyl understand that time is money in this sector and we know that wearing parts that you use must have outstanding performance.

Because of that we want you to minimalize your machines demurrage. We have put a lot of energy and production knoweladge to manufacture high quality wear parts with extended lifetime. In our offer you can find parts for most common machines that are avaliable on the market. If you are intertested to keep your machines running at all times, you have come to the right company.