Product details:

Model: Trommels and shredders – SM, DW, AK, T, Komptech
Types: Normal rubber with standard reinforced rubber by metal cords, oil and grease resistant, heat resistant
Sizes: From 600mm to 1800mm width, Diffrent tread hight
Tread: Clear belt, Chevron, Other belts by request

We supply conveyor belts to all kind of trommel screeners or shredders. The biggest advantage is that all of our profiles are vulcanized together with a base belt.

Our belts meet all of the requirements for DIN22102 standards and all of them can work in temperature range from -40°C to 60°C. Temperature of a transported material can reach a maximum of  80°C. Tensile strenght is min. 20MPa and abrasion resistance is max. 130mm3.

We are able to deliver you with special purposes belts:

  1. For transporting extremely abrasion material with abrasion resistance between 40 and 120 mm3. It is very useful for san, gravel, stone, cement and concrete parts.
  2. Oil and grease resistante belts
  3. Heat resistance belts with following properties:
  • T A – up to 125°C
  • T B – up to 150°C
  • TC – up to 210°C

4. Reinforced belts with steel cord. Standard in recycling equipement like  shredders but also in crushes. Steel cords could be made out of:

Below you can find standard belts width and tread. We can custom build a belt with the dimensions that you require. In all of out belts we can apply special covers or change the structure of it for:

High abrasion protection
Oil and grease protection
Heat protection

Type R – profile height 16 mm

Type RS – profile height 32 mm

Type F – profile height 32 mm

CHEVRON conveyor belts with R and RS type profiles

CHEVRON conveyor belts with F type profile