„A vadászatilag még pallérozatlan lelkek minél hamarabb kicsiszolódjanak, hogy az új vadászok is olvassanak, tanuljanak, szaklapot járassanak, mert ha ezt elérik, úgyszólván mindent elértek…” Perhaps the plan is to prove the MRA4 sytems on board PA01 to PA03, then look at various other platforms??? The MR2 fleet was to be replaced by Nimrod 2000 in a refurbishment program managed by British Aerospace. ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV HAS SEEN NO WORK POSSIBLY FOR MORE THAN A YEAR WHILE NEW WARSHIP BEING FUNDED ! Download this stock image: BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 maritime patrol and attack aircraft intended to replace the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR2. [CDATA[ All preliminary manufacturing for the Nimrod MRA4 programme is now concentrated at BAE Systems Woodford site. The first MRA4 was dubbed PA01 and performed as expected during the flight. It is fair to say the avionics and various other systems on the MRA4 are still in the development stage therefore we have to expect to suffer some teething problems. Nimrod MRA4 Completes Italian Job. Nimrod MRA4 FIRST FLIGHT PA01. The decision freed up £110 million to be used for other, higher priority tasks and equipment projects, but it was not without risk to maintaining the integrity of the United Kingdom through detection of hostile surface and sub-surface vessels. Air Force Finally Releases New Image of B-21 Stealthy Future Bombers. Stealth – How Does it Work? ", The Government stated in 2012 that "We regret that we had to cancel the Nimrod MRA4 programme. On 25 July 1996, the contract was awarded to BAE Systems who proposed using the existing MR2 airframes, fitting larger wings (127 feet), Rolls-Royce BMW BR.710 engines, new radar and sensor systems and a new tactical computer system. The number of aircraft being procured was progressively reduced from 21 to nine and the unit cost was now three times the figure expected when the investment decision was made. The NAO Report said that according to the MoD, the Nimrod contributed to eight out of the 15 security priority risks set out in the National Security Strategy. The strategic defence and security review and the national security strategy. In 1992 the RAF started a Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft (RMPA) procurement programme to replace the Nimrod MR2 aircraft. The In Service Date (ISD) of March 2005 was intended to mark the delivery of the 7th aircraft, with the 21st and final aircraft due for delivery in December 2008. Although the project was established around an integrated team concept from the outset, both at Abbey Wood and in industry, the latest initiative enabled the Nimrod Integrated Project Team to re-focus and embrace other personnel who work full time on Nimrod MRA4 from other areas which were previously outside the IPT. This declaration follows the type acceptance of the MRA4 which allows the delivery of production aircraft and … Consequently, the In-Service Date will now be achieved some 22 months later than planned, in October 2012. Bomber Maritime Surveillance RAF UK. Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles,