After that, Tae beat up the last guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped her project. When all of the ladies realized that their supposed boyfriend were all Gintoki, they tied Gintoki and hung him from a tree for two weeks. The Dekoboko Arc shows that Kyuubei was not sure whether she should live as a man or as a woman, due to having grown up as a man and struggling with her gender. When Kyuubei was first introduced, she displayed a cold personality; this was likely due to a desire to become stronger, after losing her left eye as a result of saving the young Shimura Tae and her brother Shinpachi, from debt collectors. You bear the burden alone, you decide alone and you end up smiling alone.". She works at Snack Smile as a cabaret hostess to keep the family doujo Koudoukan going (though more often than not, she behaves more like a bouncer). Date of Birth: Episode 2 (Special)Episode 3 (Official) Kyuubei later left with the ambition to become stronger than a man or a woman and even stronger than Tae. After Gintoki and Hijikata switched souls and Gengai made the others to switch souls too, the dead cat, who had Gintoki's other half soul, went to Otae's house, since she was taking care of the cat as a "pet". Kyuubei has black hair in a ponytail and dark-brown eyes, with an eyepatch covering her left eyesocket due to losing an eye during her childhood. As the head of the Yagyuu family was traditionally always male and Koshinori was afraid Kyuubei could not properly back the family name as a woman, he decided to raise her as a man and samurai along with his father Yagyuu Binbokusai. Follow. Kyuubei dressed as Santa in Shinpachi and Otae's house in their small Christmas party. On their way, they saw Yorozuya and got lost on an island. What do you think you're doing with my m-...". Hattori Zenzou provided Gintoki with dolls that looked exactly like him to date all women at once. So did the top three Shinsengumi, as Isao Kondou refused to let her engulf herslelf in misery for the sake of her family. She also voted each santa's scenario, though instead of using signs with each santa's score, she used signs with death threats or compliments directed to herself. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Violent Temper Poor Cook Physical Strength Gintama The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya. She was brought up as a male, following the code of the Yagyuu clan, but in later years decided to follow neither femininity or masculinity, but live as only "Yagyuu Kyuubei". This ironically causes others to compare her to a gorilla due to her monstrous strength. However, her horrible cooking only caused Gintoki, along with Kondo to faint, giving Kondo amnesia and worsening Gintoki's state. She can also be selfish, as she was upset about being placed 17th in the popularity polls and was perfectly willing to eliminate the characters ahead of her or assimilate the characters to absorb their popularity. Japanese VA: Otae's childhood friend, Kyubei Yagyu appears and takes Otae back to fulfill her childhood promise, which simultaneously draws heat from both Shinpachi (who wants to protect his sister) and the Shinsengumi (who want to use her to save Kondo from a beastly wedding proposal). After Kyuubei's defeat, Otae went over to her to hold her precious childhood friend in her arms. While the fight already started, Shinpachi finally found Otae, who had no intention of leaving the Yagyuu family. Because Otae insulted her, Otohime wanted to execute Otae. But the spouzer got destroyed as Gintoki and Katsura were too much of a burden. Official English Name: The kanji character for her name which is 妙 means 'strange'. 77: 28 "Yesterday's Enemy, After All Is Said And Done, Is Still The Enemy" Transcription: "Kinō no … Their group is Diamond Perfume, and they plot to take the number one position, regardless of who gets in their way. Killing three pairings with one stone. She was convinced however by, (To Lord Dekoboko) "I'm not Juubei! Information At first, Hijikata and Gintoki followed the cat to Otae's house, and made a plan to seize the cat, which included a flirting session with Otae. Kagura thought Gintoki was eating something and attacked him. Even Hiraga Gengai was not able to identify her food and assumed that it is an unknown poisonous matter from outer space. He was drawing an SOS with his piss and was singing Taiyo no Komachi Angel. Be Forever Yorozuya Otae was worried about Shinpachi, who did not share the letter he received from a girl with his sister. Stick Nodes ®. Female The Kyusainetol gathers information from the host body and roughly in three days, becomes its replica. Its cloud-based system works by parameterizing the logistics routes (Traceability routes) and assigning … When she finally realized where the real Gintoki was and what was going on, she beat Gintoki up along with the other women. Always without saying anything to anyone. While knowing about Sakata Gintoki's plan to get rid of her in order to help Murata Tetsuko, Otae pretended to buy Sakata Gintoki a Jump-magazine. Yagyuu Kyuubei When debt collectors physically abused Tae and her brother, Kyuubei attacked them to protect her. Weight: So he lied to the children that the police sells "Patriots", to avoid himself from being one of her victim during Patriot arc. Tae strongly disapproves of his stalking activities and beats him up everytime he does, as he even hides in her house and follows her wherever she goes while trying to make her go out with him. Smiling brightly every single day, but you never show your true feelings in the slighest. As Gintoki failed to control his dolls properly, one doll kissed Tae. 6 comments. aTRACE is a software solution for the operational management of traceability routes by RFID, also compatible with barcode data capture. I would rate Mizutani and Kanesaka, both at Ginza as well, way ahead of Kyubei too. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. 1820 (Post Silver Arc) OtaeAnegoBig sisAne-ueBoss LadyMilady (by Gintoki) Kyuubei along with Tsukuyo and Sarutobi tried to kill Gintoki for supposedly destroying Tama and trying to attack Kintoki but later changed sides to aid Gintoki. Create your own stickman animations on your Android or iOS device! She is a very brave and strong woman who always cares more about her family and closest friends than even about herself- very similar to Gintoki. Otohime lost and got stuck under the parts of the cannon that was destroyed. In the end, she decides to live as "Kyuubei", disregarding femininity and masculinity. Shimura Shinpachi decided to face the Yagyuu family and save her sister from the marriage. With both her first love and her parents dead, Tae was left alone with her little brother, her father's dōjō and his debts. Strong Point(s): She also became a member of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District after Otose's, Doromizu Jirochou's and Saigou Tokumori's retirement and Kujaku Hime Kada's seizure. Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Disimpan oleh sachi. [4]. Otae slept with Gintoki when he was drunk during a celebration. 志村 妙 Their fight was interrupted by more subordinates surrounding Tae with their guns, buying Otohime enough time to let the poison spread inside her palace, letting everyone, including her own subordinates, age extremely fast. Because of holidays, Kyuubei celebrated with friends all night, and after some interesting events, she stated that she would be a princess because of losing her innocence, and she went with Gintoki to "live properly together". Kyuubei, Otae, Sarutobi and Tsukuyo team up, sharing rank 6, the highest rank among their group's members at its inception. Mostly her display of combat is limited to physical abuse against her friends, specifically Konodu. Though it is stated that, unlike the Shinsengumi, her character was not based on a historical figure, there are a few historical figures that Tae's character, story and combat-style could very well be based on. Her hand-to-hand combat capabilities are equally matched by her impressive physical strength in walloping other people. During this Arc, Tae managed to sweep the Shinsengumi's Commander Kondo Isao out of the way and even managed to "absorb" the Vice-Commander Hijikata Toushirou for a short amount of time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. report . Otae escaped back to her house and found that everyone was there. At first, Gintoki said that they were just friends, then he said that everyone in the Shinsengumi were homosexual, and that was why suppossedly Kondo fell in love with Otae. When Gintoki stopped her and grabbed her arm with his new charming demeanor, Otae started to develop romantic feelings for the new Gintoki. Hijikata and Gintoki asking Tae out during the Soul Switch Arc. During the finale, she states nobly that after much thought she had concluded that she was neither "manly or womanly", that she is simply "Kyuubei"; Gintoki later supports her, saying: "Manly, womanly, are those random values that someone else made up really what you were striving towards? I wanted to wear a pretty kimono and walk around town like everyone else. Tae refused to die before she didn't meet Sakata Gintoki one more time to say good bye. One such dynamic is the close friendship between Kyubei and Otae that Kyubei all so desperately wants to be more than just a friendship. After Kyuubei and her group were defeated by Shinpachi's group in the same arc, Kyuubei is shown to have become softer, and at times, shown to have a feminine side. They all talked about their situation and split into three groups. To get money for the dojo restoration, Tae w… Otae complied with Shimura Shinpachi's request and took care of the severely injured Sakata Gintoki. Brown Otae was worried about her brother because of his relationship with a digital girlfriend and therefore asked Gintoki for help. He 'fell in love' with Tae when he was served by her in the Hostess Club and misunderstood her intention to make him feel better as her customer. 4-1-4-1-4-1. For trying to get in her way and eliminate her during the character poll arc. In this illusion, Otae played the role of a coach who caused Kintoki to lose his only chance to find his reincarnated girlfriend. In the second Gintama movie, Otae is shown after five years. I suspected that is why they lost out in the quality control. As Otae and Kagura were the only ones who were unable to see the stands in the inn, they were unknowingly turned into stands themselves while cleaning themselves up in the hot spring, leaving it up to Gintoki alone to find a way out of the inn. Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura tried to gather other people to support Kyoushirou and become Takagamahara hosts. In fact, literally everything Shimura Tae touches will come out burnt, even sushi (which does not require fire to make). Two prime examples would be when she and Ane competed for the prime spot of cabaret girl and Otae pretended not to care and concede the position to Ane out of kindness only to bring in prime customers to raise her own ranking and when she pretended to to be kind to Katsuo and gave him packages of mascot character items to sell around Kabuki-cho to improve the city’s image only to have him arrested as the items were pirated. Other than Kondou Isao, Sakata Gintoki is also frequently on the receiving end of her rough treatment. View entire discussion ( 16 comments) More posts from the Gintama community. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Episode 76 Otae patted Kondo's hair, saying it was a cute gorilla, and Kondo almost freaked out and cried because of happiness. 168 cm (5' 6") Otae and others saved her. They all got annoyed by Katsura and Gintoki’s behaviours and some turtles appeared, taking Otae and leaving. Before Gintoki could finish the sentence, Otae punched him. She tried to take Shimura Tae's hand in marriage as her fianceé, though Shimura Shinpachi and the rest opposed to it. Kyuubei and Kagura then came to save Tae and freed her from the rope, teaming up to kill the sharks as well as Otohime's subordinates. Race: She was the main antagonist of the Yagyuu Arc. When Yagyuu Koshinori's wife died right after giving birth to Kyuubei, he never remarried any woman. He died during an explosion in the Edo Terminal. Jubei Yagyu (Kyuubei) in during the events of the, Kyuubei receiving a bouquet of flowers in, Male Kyuubei finds a tracking chip in her sword in, Otae and Kyuubei watching a movie together in., Shimura Tae, Yagyuu Kyuubei and Kagura vs. Otohime's subordinates, For revealing Hajime to be her first love, For bringing her in under false pretext in the Host Club Arc, For having bigger breasts than her during the Dekoboko arc, For demanding her and Shinpachi to sell their dojo, For getting brainwashed by Tamo's dream catcher group, For accusing Tae of having an affair with Gintoki, For insulting her after faking about married to Gintoki, She was so scared during the test of courage that she turned her fear into aggression and almost killed Oryou, Tae's suspicion becomes true when Eromes betraying Shinpachi, For trying to convince her to save Kondo from marrying a gorilla and asking her to become his wife. Her speech manners are totally unlady-like, peppered with vulgar descriptions, especially of human genitalia, frequently prompting Shinpachi to scold her saying that 'girls should not speak like that'. Kyubey is a small, cat-like creature. 1 After successfully winning the Kabuki war, Otose and Saigou, who were impressed by her performance during the war, offered her to become one of the four Devas. It also causes opponents to heavily underestimate Tae's combat skills and cunning, thus causing opponents like the Dobunezumi Group to gang up on Tae and getting outsmart by her in the process. The solution aTRACE waypoints where RFID readings will be executed (manual or unaided), giving operational control to any logistics operation. Otae visited Kagura at the hospital, and assisted to her funeral. She has short brown hair that is tied back in a ponytail and brown eyes. With enough time, the parasite interprets "the host's ambitions" and becomes what the host has themselves inspired to be. At the bottom of the ears, it appears that it is separated into three, along with a pink-white fade and three red ovals. After Gintoki figured out what the source of the White Plague was and manipulated the past war to prevent it from spreading, Otae, who was now in great health again, came back to life and took part in the war. Afterwards, Zenzou finally revealed his and the women's secret and told Gintoki that all of this was merely one big prank from the very start.

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