O' 0k If AB = 36 and AC = 12, what is the length of AD? EFis the median. 1 In trapezoid RSTV below with bases RS ___ and VT ___, diagonals RT ___ SV ___ intersect at Q If trapezoid RSTV is not isosceles, which triangle is equal in area to RSV? Solution Solution 1. Model Example: Practice: 1. So, each pair of base angles is congruent. The diagram below shows isosceles trapezoid ABCD - 20417400 Prove that AO/AC=BO/BD pls help lol - 20580170 The trapezoids are similar. 2. Find each measure. It shouldn't be hard to use trigonometry to bash this and find the height, but there is a much easier way. (1) RQV (3) RVT (2) RST (4) SVT 2 In the diagram below, XYV TSV . which angle corresponds to angle c'? This will allow you to solve for x, and find the measurement of
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