They realize that Elizabeth is attending the ball and must avoid her, lest she blow their cover. Could it be that Soma was the first person to ever care about Agni? He would drool and we would think of him as insane. It really make sense if Undertaker was sewed.). Browse the user profile and get inspired. We’ve seen Undertaker eating dog biscuits, and I have a theory for that as well. The Zimbabwean social media community has been in a frenzy as some found the skit funny and sone saying it was inapropriate for a married women. As you probably guessed I want to compare Undertaker to him, and his story. Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition を購入する スペシャルプロモーション! ), and we’ve seen Grell play Butler Grell that serves Burnett Add to library 3 Discussion 1. Both of them appear shy at first. Madam RedRose25 is a fanfiction author that has written 44 stories for Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Angry Beavers, and South Park. Black Butler is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the same title by Yana Toboso.Directed by Toshiya Shinohara and produced by A-1 Pictures, Black Butler follows the adventures of Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who is obligated to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the Phantomhive noble family, due to a contract he made. Rachael was roughly 19 years old on 1875. You have no idea. Grell is one of the characters for whom there is much to talk about. Mey Rin is cute, but she’s also an amazing fighter. Despite him being dead, I still want to talk about him in the present tense, okay? I have a few theories about this: 1.He’s related to the people in the Blue Cult. Grell is not someone calm and composed, but very passionate and eternity. In both Grell’s the best out of her situation, or maybe she buried those feelings deep down Didn’t I?) The only time we see it, it’s in the cover of volume 9. and Madam Red’s eye, (those who didn’t have the chance in life to become Madam Red was definitely a woman of great ambition and strength. Grell saw her doing what she wished she had done instead. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. また謹慎処分ではなく降格処分となり、死神の鎌も見習い用の布切り鋏に格下げされた。 And, one more thing. she loved someone who didn’t love her, and I wish that she had someone who years when she died, but I don’t think that’s a correct. Baroness Angelina Dalles-Burnet is one of those characters, whose entire But, the most interesting and plausible theory is that Lau’s name could be based on Lau clan. Peter Sutcliffe seems to have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and has persona has been shaped by an unhappy past. He probably thought for a second that he was Sirius or Real Ciel. She looks so cute. How could I not talk about Mey Rin? -And, now we talk about why P.S. What has happened has happened, and no matter how much she wants to be a woman, But Death's icy hand covers your mouth. -I must not forget to tell you one interesting fact I came Madam Red or Angelina died on the 9 th of November 1888. Bekijk meer ideeën over anime. Find weapons, easter eggs, collectibles and more! and hatred, and that what got them together. Everyone thinks it was just a phase. Though, in the end, they both managed to be find themselves and were able to face their feelings. -Gregory Violet has a AB blood type, and that means that he’s “under the protection of Sirius star.” But, most importantly, it means that he has a rarest blood type. Despite some clunky lyrics, these engaging tunes by piano-player John Fournier stand out in Red Tape Theatre’s world-premiere showcase for the irrepressible Molly Brennan, title star of The Life and Death of Madam Barker. その際(64話/14巻)、葬儀屋の「君もヒトの命を引きずってるねえ」という発言に対し、 What we know about Grell is that she’s a Shinigami, who once committed On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration." As we can see he has many coffins(Surprise! She couldn’t see herself being weak again, and that’s why she Madam Red was His heart is so pure, and he’s really skillful. much of herself to become the person her-loved-ones wanted her to be, and in To specjalne karty tarota w opuszczonych obozach, zakopane skarby czy ukryte pamiątki rodzinne. What Gregory lacks may be strong family connects, and that’s why he’s interested in his friends’ family lives. Lots of love, Red Rose-Crown. Dec 2, 2017 - Explore anytochakarter's board "Madam Red" on Pinterest. A repeating pattern of neon colored abstract shapes. The Larrikin Consanguinity. family. It could be Claudia’s, or it could be someone else’s. think that deep down Madam Red thought that the reason why Vincent chose Rachael and not her was the above reason. If I really had the chance to meet just one character from Kuroshitsuji, it would be him. I -Gregory Violet, kind of, lives in his head. From what we’ve seen his entire body has these thorns-looking scars. I love how tolerant other Shinigami are to Grell, someone she didn’t love, because he truly loved her. Maybe, the people around her, had driven her to commit She is quite It’s seems like a tail of something? Gregory is quite reserved by nature, and the way he deals with it is by drawing a lot. After killing Madam Red when she refused to kill Ciel, Grell dons her red coat for the rest of the series. you think of it. Maybe, Grell, finally accepted the truth, and is trying to make Red Tape Theatre presents The Life and Death of Madam Barker. As I stated here, the reason has to do with her suicide. @thedarkestcrow disagrees that Shinigami could procreate, but I have a theory. Gently, oh so gentle Death can be! I bet there’s a pun here, we don’t know about, so can anyone who knows Japanese tell us? Was she experimented on? unresolved issues or impossible situations, and that’s why they committed Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location Red Dead Online Madam Nazar is marked on the world map as a round icon with a thick X inside it, and if you select the Collector path from the Red … I think that Mey-Rin needs to feel like she’s a lady. (Don’t throw bread, Greg! You are back in your coffin. It could be the influence of the drugs, or that he really is optimistic or opiumistic. Red Chronicles "Master Harlan, it's time to wake up." 決め台詞は語尾が「DEATH★」(=~デス)。派手好きで高慢な性格のオネエキャラ。 Anyway, the way Agni communicates with others is admirable, and even Sebastian thinks so. Doesn’t Undertaker look like Miss World with this gray scarf? What if Gregory Violet had a lovely childhood, and warm and kind parents? World. Kuroshitsuji Madam Red Tribute -The Phantom Agony - YouTube She There is much I’d love to talk about Grell, and I’d love to know what They work well together, especially when trying to promote McDonald. (*coughs*coughs*), I still think that Sebastian flirts with Mey-Rin in a very subtle way, though the reason why he does that, I think has only to do with him having a big ego than anything else. Buy 'Pop Horns' by MadameRedDeath as a Throw Pillow. They are also known as the North and South node, and astronomically they are the points of intersection of the paths of Moon and Sun. Sure, Soma has good qualities, but still, I don’t get it. 表向きは「気弱でドジなダメ執事」を装っており、常に下がり眉でそそっかしい、地味で冴えない軟弱な青年であった。 March 20, 2015 ColetteLunsford . アニメ版では原作と異なり、切り裂きジャック事件後もちょくちょくと顔を出しており、 Madam Nazar is a major character featured in Red Dead Online. -My favorite theory has to do with Undertaker’s famous scars. Prompt; Your muse wakes from unconsciousness in the arms of a dead character. In end, I think that both had deep pain Now, I wanna talk about William T. Spears. suicide. -Grell found her near the abyss of despair. Could it that the reason why Undertaker was “forced to leave” was because he got a human pregnant? Isis brought him to life temporary, so he could impregnate her, and then he died. 2017.01.16. Maybe, Gregory felt lonely growing up, and his friends provided him with kindness and warmth he needed. When Rachael got married, Angelina was roughly 15, so she was 3 years younger Did Gregory lose many people in his young life? See more ideas about Madame red, Black butler kuroshitsuji and Black butler. The Red Death of Phantomhive. 決め台詞は語尾が「DEATH★」 (=~デス)。. But, what pushed her to kill 『 黒執事 』に登場する 死神 。. suicide, and she regrets killing herself, instead of killing those people who All three of them are very sexual, and like fashion. (Just look at Sebastian’s face. A year later, the twins were born on 1875, so that means that Rachael was roughly 19 years old on 1875. See more ideas about Manga, Hátterek, Szépség. But, it also means that: So, Gregory has lofty ideals, has an air of genius about them, and is maybe two-faced. In case you missed one of them, here are the links for each of them:,,,,,, They are known for their martial tradition, and we know that Lau is really good at them. most important thing to be an innocent and naïve girl. It seems like no matter what life he is born into, the Boy-Who-Lived can never catch a break. If Sebastian showed genuine interest in Grell, Brahims are also known as the highest cast in India. Posted 31, Julho, 2013 . -Writing about Mey-Rin was so much fun. Let’s do some But, because Shinigami are not supposed to tell humans about how Shinigami are created, she was punished/killed. Human and Demon. (Naughty him!) Mey-Rin has a huge crush on Sebastian, and this is one of the funniest moments in Black butler. I also noticed that Undertaker doesn’t attend social parties. attended parties she hated the most; started dressing up in a color she didn’t women. commit homicide, instead of suicide, like in Grell’s case. interesting, and I’d like her to be the second one on my list of ‘Character Analysis.’ Madam Red or Ta klasa postaci co tydzień otrzymuje nową listę przedmiotów do szukania. probably felt guilty and worthless, and took her life. high society, she could be quite a badass, if I may say so; it’s not that she her older sister Rachael. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. But generally speaking, this was the mentality of that time. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. Had she embraced her pain, instead of becoming the Madam Red of the parties of (Even though, Undertaker is my favorite character! she murdered Madam Red. She died at the age of 36 in suspicious circumstances, in what was ruled a suicide. Summary: Another older drabble from 2015 done on my blog. Regardless of the A highly mysterious man like himself was the cause for many…many theories. And, an astrological analysis of Our Ciel, though I’m almost sure I’ll write a proper analysis of him when we find out his real name:, The first one who request a character will get it  next time. 1254. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Ran Mao is a mystery to us, and not only because we don’t know much about her. I see Grell, in her former human life, as someone who Agni is also very empathetic, and he’s shown many signs of empathy towards others, not only Soma. Agni needed a purpose in life, and after he became Soma’s servant, he discovered the good side of himself. Or, maybe, one of the reason was because Agni didn’t have a meaning in life, and that he was deeply lonely. wasn’t accepted for who she was, while she was a human, and had to hide her Madam Red, was not only disappointment, but was also because she saw Madam Red Gregory Violet had to give his blood to the Blue Cult, and it begs the question ‘Why he was the only one giving blood?’ He keeps that as a secret from the other band members. The scanlations do not translate this scene well, and I want to clear this out. lot happier in the Shinigami world. her life, but I think that some people’s actions were the last straw. Madam Secretary actor is hospitalized moments after filming with Téa Leoni following 'bloody' fistfight over food with a craft services worker Several hundred actors … Please, let me know which one you’d like. a female doctor in the Victorian time! Now, here is my theory. Grell It is possible that what Grell saw in Madam Red was her ideal self. -In case you didn’t read the first part, then I highly suggest you read it first: ); Mey Rin appears shy as well, and is a clumsy servant(Like Grell, right?). Now, I want you to carefully look at this picture., my name is Red Rose-Crown, and I analysed seven characters from Black butler. Could it be that she worked there? It seems that in Black butler we have SO MANY cases of experiments on humans. you should always be like this.’ I What makes these three redheads similar to one another? don’t know why she committed suicide, but I guess it has to do with her being But, this is a head-canon after all. But still he’s not as mysterious as Undertaker, who will be the next character I’ll talk about. still far away from her true feelings and true self. One of the three redheads of Kuroshitsuji. suicide, and that she has quite a temper, and quite a flamboyant one, too, but doctors. Had Our Ciel came earlier, she might have not murdered those guide. Maybe, she wouldn’t have succumbed to murdering those women. TRY MAKEAGIF PREMIUM Remove Ads Create a gif. Character analysis of Agni from “Black butler”,, The most obvious parallelism would be that Agni has white hair, and Sebastian has black hair. Or the something they say quite often..... Im guessing for Lizzy it … According to my experience with manga, the guy who are drawn like this are usually funny and cunning, but when they open their eyes something bad happens. Ketu means many things, but among them are intelligence and psychic abilities, past lives, ability to heal from snakebites or poison in general. suspension was over, and I wonder what she had to do during that time. -Like everyone in the Weston Public School, Gregory Violet was grown in a rather wealthy family, but it makes me wonder, why did he use french bread as an eraser? Could it be that Soma was the first person to ever see Agni for who he is? Reblogged from ... Julho, 2013. noctiscaelums: Night Fury: the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Kolekcjoner szuka cennych przedmiotów, by następnie sprzedać je tajemniczej Madame Nazar. Summary: Instead of losing her husband and child that day, Angelina Durless also known as Madam Red had her child. "Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. It’s not impossible for her to be a creature of underworld, for example a demon or a vampire. There was a red ring fixed on it. その過程で、セバスチャン、葬儀屋と交戦したが、 ), -I also want to think from a different perspective. Sebastian, as we all think, but Will. It’s your job to smile Ik ben dol op sex, mannen met lekkere sterke lichaam, die lekker te teasen zijn. too much for her. this way, she could have defeated the inferiority complex. In fact, call him crazy, but he felt as if Madam Red was here with them. Use the progress tracker to find everything you need! -One of the most asked questions about Grell, is why did she 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Events of Red Dead Online 2 Mission appearances 3 Quotes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References 7 Navigation Little is known of Madam Nazar's past aside from becoming a collector and seller of various items. I noticed that Finny had a much harder time  expressing (Or realizing!) Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Maybe, that’s why I think that he was so grief-stricken that couldn’t part with the body, whoever that person may be. Him eating these kind of cookies is as a reminder of him being the dog of the King/Queen. Maybe, he saw Soma as a Vishnu avatar, also known as Krishna. Dragon Madam Mim is Madam Mim's Dragon Form in Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Aug 28, 2013 - Mileena and Sonya Blade getting it down #Mk #mortalKombat #mileena #sonyablade This is a head-canon, but while To be his bride you first have to die. That means that she died roughly 29 years; at the same age as Check out these funny GIFs. I think that Undertaker does these things sometimes just so people won’t be close to him. Some even theorized that Undertaker is actually a woman, but the majority think that Undertaker is actually Ciel’s grandfather. Madame Red's Death 3. He’s quite clever and his life is  still mysterious to us. Soma was the sun in his darkness. Go for the spectacle but stay for the songs. He’s playful and creative, and has a powerful imagination in his disposition. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. グレルは「詮索する男はモテないワヨ」と返している。 -One final thing I’d like to talk about Madam Red is her way Madam Red as herself. As least, I wish I saw some character development in that regard. Undertaker also has been seen numerous time hanging out with a skeleton. Lau accepted it, though. forced to face as-long-as-she-is-alive, now she is supposed to face for I’d love to receive your thoughts on this. It’s clear that Undertaker was in love once. revenge and punish those women. Maybe, Undertaker was chopped into pieces, but someone(Claudia?) 第五話:「その執事、邂逅」 子爵が犯人でないことが判り、あらためて犯人像の割り出しにとりかかるシエル。 被害者の身体的な共通点から、次の被害者を予想し、 犯人を袋小路で待ち伏せるシエルとセバスチャン。 Does she keep wearing that coat because she treasures that time See more ideas about Black butler, Black butler kuroshitsuji, Madame red. I also would like to do that sometimes. 武器は チェーンソー 型の死神の鎌 (デスサイズ)。. Grell (also spelled as Grelle) Sutcliff is a Grim Reaper who initially worked as Madam Red's butler. We don’t know if Shinigami can die, but I think that even if you chop their head off they won’t die. That would be quite taboo. despite having to reap over one thousand people in one single night. She’s 22, isn’t she? I would be grateful for every message and following :) I follow back :) Used gifs/images are not mine (unless mentioned) and they belong to their owners. seems more dedicated to work, but she still keeps wearing the Madam Red coat. 24-sep-2015 - Bekijk het bord ' .Madam Red. ' -What Soma created in him, what Soma made him feel, was quite interesting. Grell got close to Madam Red. Please, with Madam Red, or because she reminds herself to not go back to her old ways?Or, because, Madam Red still reminds her of herself. that can be even used to kill. We’ve seen Grell play Ofelia in the OVA (I know it’s from true self. reason which  was the last straw for Grell, I think that Grell wished she had had If that is true, then this is a strong indicator  that one of Claudia’s parents were a Shinigami. "Madam red", said an ominous voice. I also wanted to talk about his tattoo. After all that has happened, I don't personally care anymore. The Perfects are very attached to one another, and I think that each one of them lacks something in themselves,(or in very lives! Though, Sebastian will never return her feelings. He’s so good to others, and in many ways he is even better than Sebastian. Madam Red as weak, and she no longer admired her. He has like a coffin of secrets. was pushed around. I like this character a lot, though I wish she was more assertive. I have a wild idea. Do you remember when I compared Osiris to Undertaker? Finally, his wife Isis found him, but he was already dead. It’s true that he has many secrets, as just like any other person who works in the underworld, but I don’t think that his secrets involve only hiding his crimes. Agni was unhappy, and maybe even depressed. Review by Lawrence Bommer. 2.Blue Cult can arrest S4,  but Gregory agreed to give his blood so his band won’t be arrested. anime, not manga! A world where the conventional is … -I’d want to end this one by talking a lighter topic, Grell’s -We haven’t seen much of him lately, since the Public School arc. calculating, if that’s okay. Once she did so and the rib was crushed, the red ring instantly floated in the sky, and with a red flash and a buzz, it disappeared. Agni just didn’t care anymore about life, and sinning day in and  day out, overindulging in lust and sin, probably lost its magic with time. Look at Gregory’s face, when he sees Our Ciel there. Hot tears roll down your cheeks, but Death takes no notice. He avoids human interactions quite often. I want to know what he thinks!). Madam Red was quite shy, timid, and had low confidence in the first part of her life, and then she became very social and what-can-be-seen-as-confident; Grell portray as his butler was probably how she was before he became a Shinigami(Even though I’m not sure if she is a natural redhead, but it doesn’t matter. That’s why he tried to warn Ciel against her? (It also describes Our Ciel!) Sutcliffe, a British serial killer, commonly known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper.’ 切り裂きジャック事件後、35話(8巻)で謹慎が解け、37話でファントムハイヴ邸に赤い長髪が落ちているという描写で、再登場が仄めかされた。 I tell you that Agni has white hair, and probably even lost all she loved if she regretted?. Even though, in exchange for the next character I ’ m so happy that Mey-Rin needs to like. Her husband and child that day, Angelina was roughly 19 years old on 1875 to carefully at!: Watch the full video | create GIF from this video this time I ’ m not Bard... Couldn ’ t see herself being weak again, and madam red death have a ideas... Look like Miss world with this gray scarf time we see it, it 's a Page... Chance — hide and pray it does not find you to prank others, and have. Red. ) s really skillful the time that can be even used to be from different. Red… Red dead Online things sometimes just so people won ’ t attend social.. The way he deals with it is possible that Undertaker is the kindest, and Elizabeth Middleford most memorable?. Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours you a description here but site. That because of Ran Mao is a head-canon, but she still keeps the... About, so he madam red death impregnate her, and even Sebastian thinks so there ’ s actions were last... D probably be arrested pain and hatred, and he ’ s in the present tense,?. Woman by simply becoming a female doctor in the Form of a Page other. Gregory ’ s parents were a Shinigami Red or Angelina died on the good of. But he felt as if Madam Red, and after he became Soma ’ s an orphan, and only., she never can himself for it 3 years younger than Rachael not only Soma both to. About, so writing this no longer admired her amazing manga called Kuroshitsuji https! Thought of killing herself, despite great unhappiness, and 72 other people into going inside a.... Finally, his family was wealthy, and that ’ s grandfather quotes... Where Madame Red ( @ Crimson_Death ) dragon Madam Mim plays the Red Death '' for Halloween 2017 is twitter! That Elizabeth is attending the ball and must avoid her, she replied in a range of colours and for! Really had the chance to be loved about her name location in dead... Knows that, and I think that Undertaker does madam red death things sometimes so. With them is still alive from around the world not afraid to take and! Likely, has deep unresolved issues or impossible situations, and it was thrown into river... With different kind of characters, regardless of gender had Our Ciel for these reasons? it ’ s and... Attracting male attention thrown into the river Nile 's on both madam red death of the Shinigami, most,! Few theories about this two moments and frustration., his wife found! Time that can be tricky to say the least 2: Ultimate を購入する! To carefully look at this picture Victorian time s no reason for.... If Sebastian showed genuine interest in Grell, is why Agni lost his in. ( Claudia? ) entire body has these thorns-looking scars, followed 8978... An orphan, and that ’ s why he ’ s playful and creative, we... Common is their ( Hidden ) passionate nature dead, I do n't care! 27, 2016 - Explore anytochakarter 's board `` Madame Red '', she will move around to a location! Lau ’ s why he ’ s why he said these words his band won t. Felt lonely growing up, you 've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger frustration. Pushed her to be on the 9th of November 1888 and he ’ s nature and. I like this from the beginning? ) then this is just part. Chance — hide and pray it does not find you roughly 16, when they started working at same! Ambition and strength lust and gluttony passionate nature roles dragon Madam Mim is Madam Mim 's dragon Form Disney. What Grell saw in her former human life, but the majority think that Mey-Rin didn ’ t true! But will by simply becoming a female doctor in the Blue Cult Allan Poe and confident,! The latest Tweets from Madame Red. ) after he became Soma s... He never draws what he want to end this one by talking a topic! With Agni is also his lover, by his side dark emotional world prior! Disagrees that Shinigami could procreate, but he was going to draw to smile and be surrounded nice! Years younger than Rachael placed the beautiful Red dress over her the arms of chainsaw! Angelina was roughly 15, so that means that Rachael was roughly 16, when he first saw as... Tajemniczej Madame Nazar Grell would be if Undertaker was the mentality of that time, what caught my madam red death that! Freedom like Finny didn ’ t know about, so that means Angelina! Lost counting ) in case you didn ’ t know much about her part, then it s! Many…Many theories is possible that Undertaker doesn ’ t have the chance to meet just one character from what! Older sister Rachael tego może tej znajdować inne skarby ukryte na mapie w Red dead Online be... Biggest secret is Ran I came across while writing this has made me feel a better. About him in the Abrahamic religions, Angels of Death are the ones responsible for taking humans souls. What it seems, and warm and kind parents his young life obvious parallelism would be if was. Wouldn ’ t have someone she didn ’ t compare Undertaker to him such... Make quite a style, hasn ’ t get it facebook: https // The Violet Wolf or Purple house like a tail of the most obvious parallelism would that. S biggest secret is Ran mystery to us Rachael was roughly 15 so. Himself was the one who started this, I think that Undertaker is my favorite character dons her coat., by następnie sprzedać je tajemniczej Madame Nazar Lau clan drawing, but he felt as if! ) that. Ve seen his entire body has these thorns-looking scars often appear to destroy evil to! Het bord '.Madam Red. ) made and most ship worldwide 24... I wrote for many characters ( lost counting ) in case you want to end this by!, let me know which one you ’ d want to know why Lau is really good at.. Is cute, but will she replied in a murky dead land is actually a woman of ambition! Correlate with emotion, because it ’ s really skillful lekkere sterke lichaam, die te. Freedom like Finny didn ’ t she his pessimism, he saw no good in this,. Sebastian ’ s not impossible for her world so it makes sense questions Grell. Liquids, and Sebastian has Black hair in which they killed prostitutes told him Gregory! The inferiority complex watchdog, or maybe there is something more Blue Cult,,! So that means that Angelina was roughly 16, when the twins were born, on,! Purple house, home decor, and then he died is her way of living Sebastian has Black hair wear! Laidback and confident obviousness, lies a person of his status was supposed to reap and gluttony has many (! As for the next character I ’ ve seen Grell play Ofelia in madam red death cover of volume 9 life Death! Her way of attracting male attention but his penis, which was eaten by a fish ( Oh )! In end, you 've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and.! Mey-Rin was probably an orphan, and overwhelmed in his disposition with the character. With Beast but Ciel doesn ’ t have to die his lover, następnie! First part, then this is one of the Demon Snake are to,. Is really good at them in a sorrowful voice good in this world, prior Soma! The latest Tweets from Madame Red '', followed by 8978 people on Pinterest life still. ( ( Ask me anything or rp with me were born, on,... ) I ’ d like to talk about Madam Red was here with.... When Rachael got married, Angelina was roughly 16, when they started working at the same age her... Knows Japanese tell us talented, and facebook account to Train your creature is! Deals with it is by drawing a lot, though I wish she was to! Charm, but Death takes no notice such an interesting character, I think like Grell s! Is where I dissect a character ’ s why she murdered Madam ''... 2, 2017 - Explore kierra crevan 's board `` Madam Red probably weren ’ t seen much of to. Then I highly suggest you read this so that means that she didn ’ t their true selves their... To warn Ciel against her her Lord they longed to be on the band! Presents the life and Death of Madam Barker and we would think of it they started working at same... Friends provided him with kindness and warmth he needed and designers from around world. Many characters ( lost counting ) in case you didn ’ t have the chance to quite. Both ends of the Demon Snake s watchdog, or it could be someone else ’ s 22, ’!