Okay, I'll tell you everything! Note: One of Furido's 4-Man Team, Fuen attempts to entrance Sakura in an illusion of Naruto stabbing her. Dm. Her last words, from Luke 23:46, are In manus tuas domine commendo animam meam ("Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit"). Boy...I just wanna say on e thing before I go. However in the series, he rebuilds Baymax without his friends knowing. Before he dies, Peggy Hill (his daughter-in-law) hopes he could live forever in the friendless, spiteful existence that he created for himself. Zanpakutō Unknown Tales" [Ep. You can't! He dies after Shukaku is extracted, but Chiyo revives him. Ha, ha. Notes: The leader of a small gang in Patterson City, Bentner is tortured for information on stolen money, but Bentner reminds his torturer, Don Giovanni that he has hired Golgo 13 to assassinate him. Note: A character in a over-the-top sci-fi version of Chicken Little's encounter with the aliens. Notes: As a running gag for a Halloween episode, Willie was killed with an ax to the back in every segment. Note: After fatally protecting Jonathan from Dio's knife, George has one final talk with his son. Or better still... to die... in DISGRACE... Notes: After Goku gives Frieza some of his energy after Frieza begs for it due to being cut in half, Frieza tries to kill him while shrieking one of the three quotes above (the first one from the Ocean dub, the second one from the FUNimation dub, and the third from the English dub of. Source: "Painter’s Block" (Season 1, Ep. However, Al revives Ed. Note: Character says this as he sacrifices himself to protect the other DigiDestined from Lucemon's fatal attack. Note: Said near the end after bomb says "Voice Denied." He admits people all make errors and hopes wrongs can be righted before ceasing to exist. You can have it! After Cherrymon wails his last words, Puppetmon remarks "You know, that kind of negative attitude really gets me down.". Therefore, I conclude that I cannot exist in my Utopian... mind. Note: Character says this to Spike right before she dies when their ship is destroyed in the shooting by the police at the barricade. He melts after drinking a soda. Scruffy managed to solve the crime, but was impaled by Leela on a sword before he could finish his thought. Notes: One of Kanzel's lesser demons, Zazan attempts to take out Lina, but Xelloss uses the Blast Bomb and the Demon's Blood Talismans to kill the lesser demons, then pierces Zazan with his cane. (Marik Ishtar: Begone! Notes: After being defeated by Endymion, Beryl begs for Metallia's help in both versions. When will it strike next?! The Curry of Life" [Ep. As with Cruella, Jasper did not die, either, but these are his last lines in the film. Thank you so much for letting me become a mother, and thank you for letting Minato become a father. You're just a moron who got lucky! Alright! Destroy all of my enemies...! General Blue is given a chance to redeem himself by fighting Mercenary Tao. No! He has this dialogue with Gatomon as he dies. We will rule your realm, and there's nothing you can do to stop us. 1. Just don't blame me when I give you a. I won't share this body! Lord Dio overestimates his mighty power! Who: BioThunderbirdmon/BioDarkdramon (Kouki). He commissioned the magical little creation known as Homunculus to help him achieve immortality. Impossible! Bb. Death not canon. Note: Professor Ratigan and his henchman Fidget, a peg-legged bat with a broken wing, are attempting to make their escape in a small pedal-powered airship with Olivia Flaversham as hostage. Mercy! How can you fight after taking out your own eyes?! The Program exposes him to virtual sunlight to turn him to stone, then shatters him, along with Angela. Note: Character says this as he gives a gem-encrusted ring to Spike before dying. Notes: Character had previously been fatally wounded by Heinkel, then was absorbed by Pride, becoming one of the many souls that composed the Homunculus. I'll have to send Pride down there to teach those boys a lesson-. AH! Notes: Character was a human experimentation candidate set to be a candidate for the Fuhrer of Amestris. She later excapes due to Edward's efforts, but runs into an allyway where Scar euthanizes her by exploding her body from the inside out. There's no way you're gonna use that gun! Note: From Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back, after Mewtwo is enraged that he is going to be treated like an experiment. The imposter fights Jotaro underwater and even with his power being drained by barnacles forming all over his Stand, Star Platinum still pierced the Dark Blue Moon Stand with a surprise attack called Star Finger. Buccaneer promised to help Fu to take Bradley to Hell, and Fu thanked Buccaneer with the above line before dying. Please, spare me! Believing she is dead, he lets her seemingly lifeless body drop to the desert below. Notes: Character, a snake chimera and a crony of Greed, had been forced to hide within Alphonse's armor. You're completely… completely worthless to us! Death to... Britannia... Long live... Japan! I cannot. Having been cut off from his crows by Athena and beaten by Shun, he wails over losing his crows before falling to his death. The hour has come, to take up our cause! Note: Says this during his last battle with Shoutmon X3/X4. The Chief blames the Action League. Source: "The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation" [Ep. Notes: An Oniwaban group member with the ability to make illusions, Han'nya admits he'll be taking the Hiten Mitsurugi style as his souvenir to the underworld, then bids his boss farewell, before being killed by Kanryu's gatling gun. Note: His mother, sorceress Thaegan, was weakened and turned into an old woman by the laplis lazuli. (Alternate Timeline), That does it! 281]. He was destroyed by Dorulumon for his trouble. In the final battle against Dio, Kakyoin works to decipher Dio's secrets to his Stand, and in the villain's world of frozen time, Dio pierces Kakyoin's abdomen with a punch via The World. Our mothers gave birth to us, we learned how to play and we formed a league of extraodinary gentleman who play music for people :) The queen doesn't talk to witches, because you. YOSHIKAGE! Note: Character sacrifices himself to protect Juvia from the minions' laser, but was revived by Ultear later on. It was all planned out from the beginning... to get rid of you. WHAT THE--, Who: Brick, Butch, and Boomer, The Rowdyruff Boys. Forgive me, Rakshata. Don't think it's sour grapes/But you're all a bunch of apes/And so I must be leaving you! Her Last Words chords by Courtney Parker. OH SHIT! A dead ship the tara ata won't respond. Source: "Tartaros Arc: Memento Mori" [Ep. But with guns we... we were... equals... Notes: After demolishing a CIA toxic weapon facility, AX-3 is contracted to kill Golgo 13 to double his pay, but Golgo throws a knife fatally into his would be killer. Hey, Narancia! Tuning: E A D G B E. Capo: 4th fret. ", before flipping him on his side and blasting him to pieces with Atomic Blaster. Notes: Ikki's mentor on Death Queen Island years before the series. Source: Spongebob Squarepants (Bubble Buddy). You were the tree that basked in sunlight. Notes: Kent was trying out the new Burger Squared. Frieza screams this line as he is being obliterated into smithereens by Goku's God Kamehameha wave attack. Notes: Having been blown out of the ring, as Juri begins her countdown, Bui tells of his lack of strength to kill Toguro to Hiei. Since it took place in a "Treehouse of Horror" segment, death is not canon. HUH?! Animation (111) Adventure (56) Fantasy (52) Drama (51) Sci-Fi (50) Action (40) Family (40) Romance (28) Thriller (25) Comedy (15) Mystery (14) Horror (7) Crime (5) Short (5) War (5) Biography (2) History (2) Music (2) Sport (1) Feature Film (103) Short Film (4) Video (3) TV Movie (1) IMDb user rating (average) to. I've got nothing else to tell you three. With the last of his strength, Gray Fly mocks the heroes' efforts to continue on their journey and inform them of the rest of Dio's assassins that will pursue them, succumbing to his wounds shortly after. The animals, along with the wildebeests flee except Kazar, who is trapped in the erupting volcano, in which he gets crushed to death by a falling rock. Note: Says this as he attempts to use an attack to mess with GeoGreymon's mind. I'm not even Ura Urashima! "Brother?" However, she may be referring to Triton's sacrifice for Ariel and how she is going to kill Ariel anyway. Dying of a terminal disease, he requested Hawkeye with his dying breath to look after his daughter, as she was the one who carried the research of Flame Alchemy as a tattoo on her back. We can't all have the last laugh. Note: The Vampire of Brittania, Luciano gloats how in war he can be a hero. 1 of 17. No. Having almost taken control of the village's defenses, he is cornered in the forest by Kakashi, Naruto and the spirit of Kisuke. It's just that I simply ran out of bullets, that's all. His mind is about to decay from the power of my Black Phoenix Specter Punch! Note: Character was mortally injured by Gajeel and attempted to take him with himself. As it occurred in a series of short stories, death is not canon. Note: Character had just fatally injured his own former comrade, BlueMeramon, who helped the Fusion Fighters recover the Fusion Loader, with an attack that was meant for Dorulumon. After all this time, I think I know why now. Note: This is prior to Professor Hinkel slamming the door in a greenhouse shut while Frosty and Karen are inside. Notes: In the semi-finals between Team Toguro vs. I meant you no harm. A mere human has... Notes: A middle-ranking mazoku, serving under Chaos Dragon Gaav, in his demon form, he is cut through via the Ragna Blade by Lina. Note: The character is dying from the huge hole in his body inflicted by Piccolo's Light of Death (also known as Makkankosappo, or Special Beam Cannon) technique. Ah..ah...ah...ah...AAAAGH!!! Notes: Character was a corrupt priest working for the Homunculi incognito, attempting to snare believers in the religion of Letoism and create an army of zealots for the Homunculi. He nearly corners Naruto, but Gantetsu pulls him out of the tunnel while Toki says this. I had to make sure Takada was taken care of! Source: "(Not) Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! Second only to Dumbo (1941) (who didn't speak at all), this Disney title character has only about 18 lines of actual dialogue throughout the entire film, in which she only appears in the film for 18 minutes and which is actually about the three fairies who protect her, not about Sleeping Beauty herself. Source: "Tartaros Arc Epilogue: That Is the Power of Life" [Ep. The second line is said much later in the series when his spirit dissolves after using the last of his strength to protect the DigiDestined and the statue of the three Great Angels. I won't allow it! Note: Said when she was heavily injured from attacks by Jūzō, as she was remains unknown if she was alive or not. Source: "Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1" [Ep. Whence Lupin and company foil his drone, Sherlock is chased by Zenigata who attempts to arrest him. One prisoner shouts this before he explodes. 265]. While being eaten he yelled "Oh! Notes: The tiger in service to the Red Ribbon Army. Note: Character was finished off by a cyborg Kasei. Note: Character was a gyaru-turned true mastermind of the death game. Everybody! The reasoning is that children can understand words like “cumbersome” when told that it means “big and heavy and awkward.” PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer agreed to do a mock interview with WordGirl. Mike simply states that he doesn't need him anymore and walks away. One of his last wishes was for his son Felix to be given unto Eva and Wolfgang Mittermeyer. Death comes to us all, my dear. Notes: One of Don Vizioso's top goons. Source: "Not Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! Source: "Ichigo's Resolution! This is immortality? Notes: A renegade Zanpakuto who nearly used Hollows to destroy Karakura Town, Muramasa is defeated by Ichigo in the end. (Simian upstart!) Eagle Marin escapes her death trap with Kiki's help and defeats Asterion with the Eagle Toe Flash. Note: The character has just saved Gohan from an attack by Nappa by stepping in front of it, and is dying as a result. Note: While he and Marianne vi Britannia are being absorbed into C's world, Charles grabs Lelouch by the throat and warns Lelouch that if he refuses to live in the world he planned to create using the Ragnarok Connection, then what lies ahead will be a world controlled by Schneizel el Britannia, Lelouch's half-brother and the second prince of Britannia. Wrath the Furious. Do you realize that if you reject the world that I offer, then you will inherit his world, Schneizel's world!!! Frieza rebuts him with one of the three version specific quotes, before Trunks cuts him in half, chops the halves into chunks, and blasts those chunks into oblivion to ensure that Frieza stays dead. 138]. He later returns as MetalEtemon. Note: Ace was the main protagonist Monkey D Luffy's adopted older brother, who was imprisoned and sent to be executed later in the series. Note: Character says this as KendoGarurumon is rushing around cutting down the trees around him to his surprise. Well, will you take on this job for me, Golgo 13? Stream Her Last Words - Nightcore by NagisaFurukawa from desktop or your mobile device. Ya see... (Fake Applejack), Oops, I'd say sorry, but I'm not. 3]. Notes: A 28 year old general for the Red Ribbon Army with psychic powers. I'd rather not live my life as sheet metal. Note: Says this as he is destroyed by Shoutmon's Star Sword attack. Source: "Hoshikage: The Buried Truth" [Ep. I can die on my own, goddammit. 1 of 16. If they hadn't flattened Madame Shyster, he would have been free of her curse. Note: Carl walks backwards with Kevin from Muntz who destroys his prized possessions with a sword. Join them. HELP! After a short fight, Kuroda is assumed to be vaporized by the Spirit Cannon. Note: He was mortally wounded after Chiyo used the puppets that he made from the dead bodies of his parents to stab him. He dies instantly after stabbing himself. Me! Note: Character says this moments being punched in the face by Saitama. (Original Japanese) IDIOTS! Fatal error! Hughes quickly caught on that it wasn't Maria, before rounding on Envy with a knife. 341]. Puff when she ends up getting fired because of Spongebob failing his boating test. Let's have a demonstration. He is recognized as a Warrior of Light by the Queen, and, while he doesn't die, these are the last words he says before Digivolving into Beelzemon. His last words followed Dolcetto's request that Alphonse would get Martel to safety. What should I have done?! But the Elder Toguro extended blades out of his body, killing Momorenjya easily. Consequently, the hand turns him into a gold statue, which falls off the edge and into the water. Hey, Mr. Crab! Those tears are proof that the old Ikki is dead! Note: Character says this moments before being shot in the head by a team of hitmen sent to kill Asimov. Scar followed him underwater and, with Comanche unable to transmute water, made easy prey of the elderly alchemist. Vanilla Ice then yells the second part to which Polnareff replies "Now go to hell, asshole...!" Remember this time, try and fucking remember this time! Notes: Was forced into rebelling against Kaiser Reinhard after being framed by his political enemies, and later got mortally wounded in battle. Notes: Character disobeyed Queen Beryl's direct orders and was punished with death. Note: Said when Red Pine was killed in space by Sonic and Shadows battle with each other. N-No-one told me he'd be like that! Notes: In a battle at the Colosseum, Spartacus is fatally shot by Golgo and then informs him of the two millionaires who take joy in murder, Gabriel Rosmacdonaro and Ingemar Petensen. Note: Character had just been defeated by Team Blue Flare in battle. Note: Character says this as Spike tosses a throwing knife in his left leg. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?! Shun manages to break Dante's spiked ball and chain with his own superior cosmo. Source: "Hatred and Jealousy, Orihime's Dilemma" [Ep. Note: Character fights the witch, but the witch she was fighting pops out a new form and bites her head off, then eats her corpse. Bye-bye! While Gohan is injured, Shisami curses Tagoma before drawing his dying breath. If Soul Gems give birth to witches... then we have no choice but to die... Of me... and you! He's dead. As he falls, the car yells this before going up in an explosion. No one treats me like that and gets away with it! Live in peace... and happiness... Notes: Character sacrificed her life force to reincarnate her daughter (Usagi/Serena), and the Sailor Senshi/Scouts in the future, bidding them goodbye with the above line. Please! They're in my pouch. Note: A knight in service to Mary- Queen of Scots, he gave himself up alongside his compatriot Tarukus to be executed for crimes against Queen Elizabeth in exchange for Mary's life. You son of a bitch! So hip and sexy; not like you at all.") Looks like it's just you and me now, my children! Note: While looking for water, Bruton and the scout are ambushed by two Carnotaurs, and the scout is killed. You surface dwellers will die! Note: Says this just before being blasted away by Goku's Spirit Bomb. Are you telling me I've been hallucinating ever since that moment? Once Goliath snatched the Eye, he lost control of the magic and was reduced to dust by it. Note: Said before she sacrifices her life to save Misa from L and Watari. Note: Character says this as one of Gordon's redirected missiles crashes into the main bridge of his ship. Note: The top was his first death, and the bottom was said when he was hit by Kikyo's Bellflowers. You blow that thing in this range, and we're both gonna go down! Illuso thinks these believing himself safe from Purple Haze's virus capsule, but the virus is released making boils appear all over Illuso. The Leaf Moving Service" [Ep. No assassin worth the damn would ever reveal his Stand's identity. Note: Said after attacking the Boss during the final fight of the series, but the Boss uses his ability to skip time to kill Narancia by impaling him on a spiked iron gate. Notes: A crime boss obsessed with jewelry. Note: The first line is said as she attacks him with Zephyrald Crystals before dying. Note: Character has been defeated by Wendy Marvell's Dragon Force, as later, he was at Hell's Core, but was destroyed by Mirajane Strauss. Now she's older, things are getting colder Life's not what she thought She wished someone had told her. 2fr. I-... No need to make obeisance now, is there? After the fusion of Yushima is broken, he asks Nozomi if they went down the wrong path. Disappears for good when Cedric undos the copying spell. … I'm the best shot in the entire state of Utah. I'm not through yet. Ronno although reappears as an adult from the first film to seek revenge on Bambi from his love interest, Faline. Maybe not, Beld, but I'll live long enough to see you dead! Turkish geckaldimgibi. Good night. You saw through my lies. He utters his last words to Goku (who he calls Kakarot) and pleads for him to stop Frieza. (Viz Media dub) Wait, don't do that! (gasping) Oh! The second quote is said when Abbacchio, in the afterlife, recognizes his dead partner and realizes he is dead as well. Note: Said when Lucy destroys her key. You must realize... what will happen...! Notes: Shin/King's staff officer in the KING gang and user of Nanto Shoten Ken, when he and Kenshiro fight at the abandoned battleship, Kenshiro uses the Hokuto Zankai Ken on Joker. Nedakh was very old and frail, which is why he was mortally wounded when Rourke punched him. But he fails and is killed by the Water Style: Liquid Memory technique. Note: Character had just been badly beaten by Rapidmon. As his remains was buried alive later on. I am DIO!! Let Kardis be reborn! After going rouge, Greed was eventually captured by King Bradley, who had revealed himself to be the newest of the Homunculi: Wrath the Furious. Action (421) Animation (226) Aventure (282) Biopic (163) Comédie (674) Comédie dramatique (138) Comédie musicale (7) Documentaire (31) Drame (953) DVDRiP / BDRiP (1 345) DVDSCR / R5 (1 357) Epouvante Horreur (250) Espionnage (19) Famille (185) Fantastique (196) Guerre (72) Historique (115) Musical … PERFECT! Unfortunately, the mirror started shining the light on Earth, frying this poor scientist. You can't do this! Notes: In a "What-If" scenario (not considered canon), Leela was forced to kill Hermes (offscreen with an axe after incapacitating him with martial arts moves) after he discovered that she had murdered Professor Farnsworth. Silver Chariot knocks Vanilla Ice into the UV lights and vaporizes his body. Note: Said before he was killed by Kyôka. This fetus later matured and became a reformed Selim Bradley. Seemingly slicing through Hiei, he says this, but Hiei appears on top of Makintaro and says "Your eyes are rather slow. Source: "The Flying Zantetsuken" [Ep. Ah please. Sorry, Aizen. With her Stand Empress, she attempts to steal Joseph's body to disguise as him after killing him. The second is Velgemon's last words before being defeated by Aldamon and BeoWolfmon. Say, what do you think, Kōgami... after this, will you be able to find a replacement for me? But that would mean... that this trunk is locked from the inside! Thank you again Yusuke Urameshi. (All right, then in the Nickelodeon dub) I gave you one last chance. Note: Spoken about Orochimaru after Gaara suggests that he is merely Orochimaru's pawn. Notes: The supposedly female member of the Gang of Five who is actually a male in disguise. (Viz Media dub) "What's wrong with these brakes?! He then disappears with General Crozier unconscious. When they teleported out of the ship, Esmeraude/Emerald, another member of his clan, teleported in. He distracts the other saints with Phantom Arrows and pierces Saori Kido with a golden arrow. In retaliation, Kira used his Stand Killer Queen to silence him by turning a 100 yen coin snagged by Shigekiyo's Stand- Harvest- into a bomb by using Killer Queen's ability. Note: Said during his own battle with Dynasmon and Crusadermon before he is destroyed by Crusadermon. Note: He was defeated by Hisagi and Komamura. You can't admit how you feel until you've been beaten. Source: "(Not) Normal Arc: Kill and Live" [Ep. I was planning on a vulgar move myself! Mulan replies, "Not quite." Oh, way! Soon after a hard fight, Daryun kills him. Note: After their battle, Joseph Joestar loans Wamuu his blood to ease his pain as he dies, then takes his antidote. YourDictionary’s Word Finder provides you with words to focus on, each with the point counts for Scrabble and Words With Friends. Based on ‘My Life in Versailles,’ the acclaimed 2D film inspired by the 2015 attack, new series will follow the film’s main character, 8-year-old Violette, who after losing her parents, is sent to live with a relative where she must face and conquer her … Note: Character has just attempted to attack Renamon with a Nightmare Shocker attack, and he thinks he's beaten her. For years Kaitlin has been guilt-ridden because she couldn’t help the police find her cousin. Notes: Was begging Tellu/Telulu for her life when Tellu pulled the plug on her while inside Eudial/Eugeal's enlarging machine, sending her falling into a pit of nothingness. Note: Said to her husband Marlin, who is playfully trying to kiss her. Read about Her Last Words from her last words's Saying Farewell for the Second Time and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. [Ep. He melts under a sprinkler. Note: In an earlier scene, Hercules had willingly agreed with the villainous Hades to give up his powers on the condition that no harm came to Megara. Her Last Words. The character says this before he is deleted. For years Kaitlin has been guilt-ridden because she couldn’t help the police find her cousin. Notes: One of King Piccolo's sons who was born to fight and kill Tien, whilst Piccolo decimates West City. Biyomon returns later in the season. You are my son after all. Freedom is in the heart. What'd I do wrong?! En, after performing a Heroic Sacrifice for Ali. Note: A member of La Squadra Esecuzioni and user of the Tiny Feet Stand. My wife understands. Note: Says this while chasing after Shoutmone X2. After saying the first quote, he is killed by the Boss while attempting to escape with Trish. He is then purified by Lobomon, who afterwards reclaims his spirit. During the car chase, Senator Phillips cries this and Dio replies "And what precisely would I gain by explaining the situation to you? Note: Character sacrifices herself to protect her present counterpart from Future Rogue Cheney. Note: Screaming this crying for his mother, Thaegan (who died before that), when he was attacked by fire blister. Her Last Words chords by Courtney Parker. Accept it. BitTorrent plus d’un million de fichiers en tout genre : livres numériques, films, concerts, etc. Having a list of words with a specific letter, or combination of letters, could be what you need to decide your next move and gain the advantage over your opponent. Mr. Source: "Chain of Sacrifice...Harribel's Past" [Ep. Because of you, I was never alone. Source: "Mysterious Gang of Five [Part 2]" [Ep. He then carries Jamil away as the dungeon caves in on them, killing them. Cannot compute! Well, what do we have here? Light caught L in his arms right before he died, learning that Light was Kira all along.