These basic interview questions are always applicable and revealing, no matter what job is on the table. (d) none of these, 37.the simplest parasitic array comprises of : the circuit is slightly modified with the capacitor now charging from a voltage of 30V rather than Vcc. Modulation is utilized to send an information bearing signal over long distances. Tests knowledge of discipline as well as planning, organization, and presentation skills. A resistor is a two-terminal electronic component that opposes anelectric current by producing a voltage drop between its terminals in proportion to the current, that is, in accordance with Ohm’s law: V= IR. (a) space waves (b) sky waves BPSC Assistant Professor Question Papers. After going to my fair share of interviews, I have become more confident about the preparation process. How do you teach a child with special needs? What is pass band? (a) Hartley oscillator (b) colpitt’s oscillator Learn about interview questions and interview process for 2 companies. (a) CW radar (b) MTI A capacitor is an electrical/electronic device that can store energyin the electric field between a pair of conductors (called “plates”). (a) brings it closer to instability (b) takes it farther from instability Post a Job. (c) conduct partially (d) none of these. A substance, body, or device that readily conducts heat, electricity, sound, etc. (c) monopulse radar (d) secondary surveillance radar, 89. the radar that has a higher range resolution and that makes use of matched filter design is Required fields are marked *. (c)t = RC (d) none of these, 17. in the astable mode of operation of IC 555, the timing capacitor always charges between The life span of the satellite is about 15 years. (c)the VCO, the low pass filter and the error amplifer The study and use of electrical devices that operate by controlling the flow of … Full duplex refers to the transmission of data in two directions simultaneously. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 1,339 companies. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 2 companies. (a) bistable multivibrator (b) monostable multi vibrator (a) radar (b) sonar (assume all the inputs to be active LOW inputs). Top Courses in Python. Capacitors are often used in electric and electronic circuits asenergy-storage devices. Apply To 10012 Assistant Professor Ece Jobs On, India's No.1 Job Portal. And where it is utilized? (a) it has extremely high input impedance,much higher than even its open loop input impedance Jobs. While high-level open-ended questions can work well for an experienced teacher, it's best to use scenario-based questions for ECE support and assistant roles to help you really hone in on their problem-solving skills. About your research General research questions Here are 7 must-ask questions for child care assistants: 1. Depending on the equipment and the operator, the frequency that each operator utilises is 900MHz, 1800MHz or 2100MHz. Be ready for typical teaching assistant interview questions and make the right impression in your job interview. Develop questions based on the job description and qualifications to determine whether each applicant is qualified for the job and to compare the qualifications of the interviewed applicants. But I already did an interview with all of the committee members over Skype. We know that they might not be the only questions asked in the interview but they are generic and most interviewers ask these questions in the interview. (c)homming guidance (d) none of these, Sir please provide analog circuit design interview questions with answers, Please provide ecil interview questions for ece branch, pls sir send me the basics of all ece interview questions for interview. What is a feedback? 45. CDMA employsspread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme (where each transmitter is assigned a code) to allow multiple users to be multiplexed over the same physical channel. 23. (a) maximum reception is in a direction perpendicular axis (b) input impedance is always greater than the out put impedance (a) 0001 (b) 0010 A transducer is a device, usually electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electromagnetic, photonic, or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy or physical attribute to another for various purposes including measurement or information transfer. (a) LM710 (b) LM 741 Assistant Professor-educator interview questions | InterviewAnswers An analogy to the problem of multiple access is a room (channel) in which people wish to communicate with each other. (a) Hartley oscillator (b) collpitt oscillator Explain. SCRs are connected in series to enchance This Is An Example Of A Interview Select One: O A. (a) vidicon (b) saticon 11. Examples: are incandescent lights, heaters, fridge, stove, etc…. (a) vidicon camera (b) plumbicon camera This term is considered archaic in English, but most other languages use acognate of condenser to refer to a capacitor. (a) their overall dv/dt rating (b) their voltage ratings Action – describe what you did to achieve the task. Questions about your experience. The aim is to share an expensive resource. Crosstalk is a form of interference caused by signals in nearby conductors. (c) 7 (d) 6, 25. the average conversion time in a 4-bit counter type A/D converter run by a 10 MHZ clock shall be The base station sends out radio waves, which are detected by your telephone and converted back to speech. (a) microvolts per second (b) volts per microsecond 88. one of the following is a tracking radar Explore Assistant Professor Ece Openings In Your Desired Locations Now! Demodulating is necessary because the receiver system receives a modulated signal with specific characteristics and it needs to turn it to base-band. can I get all the questions and answers for ECE? (c) wein-bridge oscillator (d) R-C phase shift oscillator. How many satellites are required to cover the earth? A. (b) the closed loop transfer function The base station then sends the call through the telephone network until it reaches the person you are calling. What is inductor? (a) forward ON- state characteristics 1 National College of Ireland Assistant Professor/Lecturer interview questions and 1 interview reviews. (c) electrostatic means for horizontal deflection and electromagnetic means for vertical deflection (a) due to transverse nature of waves (b) always vertical in isotropic medium When the voltage of the alternating current is positive, the diode becomes forward-biased and current flows through it. (b) electromagnetic means it is helpful. Home » ECE Questions » 400+ TOP ELECTRONICS and COMMUNICATION Engineering Questions & Answers PDF, CLICK HERE —-> Basic ELECTRONICS Questions. (a) infinity (b) zero (c) unity (d) none of these, 68. stability of a control system can be determined from one of the following responses. Glassdoor has 1 interview questions and reports from Assistant professor ece interviews. UHF waves travel as : Young children have specific learning needs that daycare teachers must address. Electronics work on DC and with a voltage range of -48vDC to +48vDC. 44. 37. This property makes them useful in electronic filters. (a) transition capacitance (b) diffusion capacitance (c) is always undesirable (d) none of these, 72. for drawing the root locus plot of a certain closed loop control system, one needs to know The types of questions covered are general, behavioral, situational, discipline and experience based. 6. the condition that decides the oscillator’s out put frequency is : (a) the range of TV broadcast decreases (b) signal pick up is less (c) astable multivibrator (d) Schmitt trigger, 82. one of the following opamp type number is a comparator Example for negative feedback and positive feedback. assistant professor ece interview questions shared by candidates, Why are you intending to join a university instead of a company? (c) LM748 (d) LM747, 83. the operation of a thermocouple is based on : 1,234 associate professor interview questions. (a) TE wave (b) TEM wave (c) ground waves (d) surface waves, 45. Tell me about yourself. Barkhausen criteria, without which you will not know which conditions, are to be satisfied for oscillations. Situation – describe what the situation was. these are very important & Helpful for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews and competitive exams like GATE, IES, PSU, NET/SET/JRF, UPSC and diploma.