Arlong "the Saw" | Five Elders, Celestial Dragons He is considered by them to be the weakest of the three All-Stars and was constantly looked down by them for it. Galdino, Black Cat Pirates Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Big Pan | Hammond | Jack, on the other hand, did not complain. Zunesha has the appearance of a massive elephant, comparable to an island in sheer scale; its two-jointed legs are disproportionately and extremely long, such that it can walk on the sea floor while its upper body, including about a third of each leg, remains above the water. St. Bonaventure (0-5, 0-3) vs. Siena (3-2, 1-0) Date: Mar 12, 2019 Attendance: 338 Weather: Overcast and Cool After getting past jack and the All-Stars, the scabbards proceeds to attack Kaido. Captain: Kuro "of a Hundred Plans" Chuchun | 2:52. Occupation Hatchan | Miss All-Sunday | Elite Officers: Trebol | Itomimizu | 28[7] Wapol | [34] Jack also has authority over the region of Kuri in Wano Country, and its residents greatly fear him. Jakku Jack realized that Kaido was drunk. Alpacaman | ジャック Master of the Waters, Germa 66 Evil-doer Donquixote Pirates [29] However, he is still prideful, as he got angry when he read the news report about his apparent death. Captain: "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin Since then, it has wandered the sea of the New World and lived for centuries carrying the Mink Tribe and the other lifeforms on Zou. [1], They appear to be very proud of Jack's reputation and bounty, ranting about it to the Mink Tribe. Seven Warlords of the Sea Jack watches as the two minks transforms into their Sulong form. Admirals: Aokiji | [11] He carries a pair of tusks around his neck which are actually sheathes containing his scythe-like blades. According to his subordinates, Jack has been known to hold a temper. In their meeting, Jack brought up how Kaido wanted the thief to be a subordinate of the Beasts Pirates. [40], After failing to rescue Doflamingo, Jack returned to Zou with the intention on exterminating the minks completely just to prevent them from seeking revenge. In the ancient past, Zunesha was sentenced to walk the seas for eternity and only act upon being ordered to do so for committing an unspecified crime. Though Jack defeated a majority of the minks, they severely injured him. Follow. Lord of the Coast | [39], Contrary to what was reported, Jack survived the battle, but sustained some injuries, resulting in him being bandaged and resting after the fight. Charlotte Smoothie | Buggy "the Clown" | 30 notes. Rescue Doflamingo from the Marines.Kill Zunisha which would cause Zou to sink into the ocean (all failed).Wait for someone to pull him out of the ocean (succeeded). Jack is the first main antagonist of an arc who did not interact with, He is also the second known fish-man shown to lack webbed hands, the first was. He was also fearful of his captain Kaido, when the latter spoke to him in dragon form even while drunken. Hanzo, Others Inuarashi Musketeer Vs Jack - One Piece 758 ENG SUB. Jack wanted to know if that was true but Hawkins told him he did not know and wanted Kaido to leave Okobore Town since he was causing trouble. Jack reading about his apparent death following Doflamingo's failed rescue. GOAL by SIENA Rusnak, George, Assist by Kiernan, Jack. Written by ArigatoManga April 13, 2016 April 13, 2016. Baron Tamago | The minks did not comply, causing an irritated Jack to destroy several buildings with his trunk. Everyone has their own set of frameworks, and I spent a lot of time trying to search for the “perfect one”. Ikkaku is a woman with curly dark brown hair and light brown eyes, she is wearing a yellow and orange hat. Jack uses Koro to claim victory over the Mokomo Dukedom. Kaido gave the Tobiroppo the mission of finding his son Yamato and offered to let them challenge the All-Stars for their positions should they succeed, to which both Jack and King had no objection. Sasaki) Despite his fearless attitude, Jack was shown capable of experiencing great fear as he remained frozen in place while his crew was running for their lives when Zunisha swung its trunk at him. Sadistic Brute, Captain JackJack the Stooge (by King and Queen), One of the Three Disasters of the Hundred Beasts PiratesCaptain of the MammothRuler of the Kuri region in Wano Country, Model Mammoth (ability to transform into a mammoth)Superhuman strengthSwordsmanshipLeadershipSuperhuman endurance. 1:21. The Minks held an advantage over Jack's crew until Jack decided to release Caesar's poison gas to cripple his targets. [27], Jack does not appear to care about titles or fame, as he got annoyed with his subordinates for boasting about his position and bounty. "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot | When using Koro on the Minks, he wears a hazmat suit and wears a glass helmet around his head. [00:18] Ground ball pickup by SIEM Pantalone, Dylan. "Sweeper" Bobbin, Blackbeard Pirates The two kings even fought Jack the Drought, who had a whopping bounty of 1 billion berries on equal footing for many days until Jack grew tired of the battle and resorted to poison gas. Hint: There isn’t one. Perona | Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth Type: Gazelleman | Hotori & Kotori, Franky Family Though they resemble Shotels when seen from the side, they appear even more twisted, akin to his mammoth tusks, when viewed from the front. As Kaido and the Scabbards prepare their battle on the top of the skull, Jack leaves the other All-Stars and confronts the Scabbards and the Minks. Saint Shalulia | Agents: Rob Lucci | Ground ball pickup by SIEM Drillock, Jack. After his return to Zou, Jack tried to bring down the elephant the Minks lived on in an attempt to wipe them out for good, even listing the brutal ways he could kill it. Capture Raizo.Rescue Doflamingo from the Marines.Kill Zunisha which would cause Zou to sink into the ocean (all failed).Wait for someone to pull him out of the ocean (succeeded). Shiki the Golden Lion | Animated Cartoon. As the fight begins, Jack and his subordinates clash against the Minks. Since he is a Devil Fruit user, he has lost the ability to swim. Others: Daikoku | Baron Omatsuri | Zambai | Buggy "the Clown" | Officers: Charlotte Perospero | Just like King and Queen, Jack too has an ancient zoan type devil fruit known as Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth. Zunesha is a colossal, sentient elephant that carries the entire country of Zou on its back. Back on Zou, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance heads back outside, and Duke Dogstorm and Cat Viper regale the Straw Hats with tales about their and Oden's travels with Whitebeard and … All-Stars: King "the Conflagration" | Mwt66813. Member List. Nero Pisaro | Vinsmoke Ichiji |, Jack currently has one of the highest known bounty in the. "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, East Blue Pirate Crews Snakeman | Shioyaki, Paradise Pirate Crews Bear King | [10:15] GOAL by SIENA Lantieri, Brendan. Although the Minks eventually gained the upper hand, they were never able to suppress Jack himself. Lao G | 1:21. Baby 5 | Japanese VA: 1,000,000,000[6] [45] He also managed to withstand assaults from an army of minks in their Sulong forms and continued fighting. Andreascottunnaturaldong. At some point, Jack became the ruler of the Kuri region in Wano Country. [11:01] Faceoff Zou, Jason vs Dugenio, Jonathan won by SIENA, [11:01] Ground ball pickup by SIENA Hart, Colton. [33], Being an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates, Jack has great authority over his crew just below his Govern-General. However, the minks easily fended them off with Electro, and Monjii warned Jack that every mink was a natural-born warrior ready to fight. Foxy Pirates One Piece Who's Who | [32] Likewise, he was rather apprehensive when Queen brought Big Mom to Onigashima. He possesses tremendous strength and endurance, which is enhanced by his fish-man heritage. Jack being thrashed (for a time) by Neko & Inu. Diamante | They were unsuccessful in retrieving Doflamingo from the Marines and Jack was angry about the news detailing his death, which did not occur. During the battle, Jack knocks back many enemies. Pickles | Others: Dr. Indigo | Square Sisters | Speed | [30], Although Jack is normally calm and immovable, he is still capable of feeling real fear if he is vastly overpowered and left in a helpless situation. I made this timeline graphic last week, mods made me take it down off my album, but I'll just reupload it here. He has wild, bushy blonde hair resembling a lion's mane running around his neck and down his back, and there is a scar running from the left side of his forehead down to his cheek. [50], Seventeen days before Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law's arrival at Zou, Jack and his men broke through the gate to the Mokomo Dukedom, leaving it in ruins and severely injuring the guards. Donquixote Doflamingo | One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animations Like Theories? Gifters: One Piece 774 Eng Sub HD-mHssujWbFt0., Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc,, Jack vs. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi (Onigashima). "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | Birthday: "Jack the Drought" (旱害のジャック, Kangai no Jakku? Jack stand by as Kaido caused chaos in Okobore Town. Type of Villain The three stand and watch a chained up Big Mom eat food prepared by the Beasts Pirates. September 28th[5] Kurozumi Orochi Porche | Romanized Name: After the announcement of the "New Onigashima Project", Kaido manages to get Orochi's military to join his side after giving them the option of joining them or die going against them. "Scribe" Charlotte Mont-d'Or | He was confronted by the Minks who resided on Zou. Pica | The battle against the Mink Tribe lasted for five days, with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi's forces taking turns fighting with each passing day and night. From Wanda's flashback, Jack was shown to be destructive, ruthless and cruel as he destroyed portions of Zou and injured people both young and ol… [47], Jack had access to Koro, Caesar Clown's poison gas weapon, during his invasion of Zou. One Piece 774 Eng Sub HD-mHssujWbF. Ulti | Black Maria | With the Mink Tribe rendered helpless, Jack tortured the strongest of them for information concerning Raizo, taking a leg from Inuarashi and an arm from Nekomamushi. Saint Rosward | Saint Charloss | I'm not a fan of Oda's pacing here, but it is what it is. The duel was interrupted when Kaido appeared and ordered Jack to bring Luffy and Law to him. Captain: Eustass Kid | Causing destruction.Torturing his victims by cutting off their body parts.Ruling the region of Kuri in Wano Country. Hawkins then arrived and directed Kaido's attention to Oden Castle before explaining to Jack his reasons for doing so. Jack outright stated his love of destruction to the Minks which he showed by leaving their once large, beautiful city in devastation. Jack can level buildings with a single swing of his trunk. Hamburg | Zeo | [21], He is extremely stubborn and unreasonable. Killer, Rocks Pirates Madilloman | Kaneshiro | Elephant-Elephant Fruit, Model: Mammoth Those who have witnessed Jack's personality in person describe these traits as madness. Kiev | [33], Jack's subordinates are incredibly loyal to him,[34] but whether Jack respects his subordinates or not is largely unknown. one piece 809 one piece chapter 809 one piece manga 809 one piece capitolo 809 op 809 nekomamushi cat viper one piece jack one piece nekomamushi vs jack zou minks pedro one piece op edit op graphic [14:38] Turnover by SIEM Twohig, Jack (caused by Roediger, Luke). Kurozumi Orochi | Absalom | One Piece has just been awesome from the past few 10 chapters. Anime Official English Name: Gasparde | [27] Also, despite his own bloodthirsty and stubborn nature, Jack believes his own captain is completely insane especially when drunk. Follow. Gekko Moriah | Duval | Buffalo | "The Supersonic" Van Augur | Scratchmen Apoo | [36] Jack is shown to be afraid of his superior as when Kaido appeared in dragon form, Jack trembled. Vanha86828296. [8] He threatened to destroy an entire city should he not get what he wanted,[11] and made good on his word,[15] saying that it was the citizens' own fault because they did not comply. He keeps them hidden and sheathed as the tusks around his neck. The Minks recalls how Jack terrorized their peaceful country and caused a lot of destruction. When Momonosuke tells Kaido that he is who he is and that he intends to the shogun of Wano, Kaido proceeds to the execution until an explosion catches everyone's attention. Bartholomew Kuma | Trade-offs are the bread and butter of Product Management. While the Going Luffy-senpai sailed toward Zou, the Straw Hat Pirates discovered that the Barto Clubhad little knowledge on how to navigate through the ocean's waters as a hailstorm was raging. Others: Kaido of the Beasts | Mr. 4 | Kaido "of the Beasts" | Minorhinoceros | Jack The Drought Appears - One Piece SUB ENG 757-szdru75DbOI. [14] Due to his fish-man physiology, he would not die from drowning, but would be immobilized when submerged underwater. However, his subordinates also seem to love battle to some degree and did not have any protesting opinions. He wears a metallic jaw mask that seemingly disappears when he transforms into his mammoth for… Fleet Admiral: Akainu Basil Hawkins | But he is considered to be the weakest by King and Queen. Mouseman | [26] He planned to force the elephant to its knees in order to reach its head and kill it in sadistic ways. Devil Fruit Buggy Pirates I posted a couple of weeks ago, a discussion on Zoro's attitude since the beginning of Zou's arc. He was first briefly mentioned when being notified of Caesar Clown's capture by viewers of Caesar's broadcast of the Punk Hazard incident. master nekomamushi appears and jacks human form revealed Nekomamushi vs Jack One Piece by Eiichiro Oda Disclaimer:All rights and credits go to Toei Animation One piece Episode 759. Similarly to Kaido, he is unwilling to negotiate with anyone and is willing to do anything forcefully on his own terms. Others: Bellamy | [9] However, while still being immensely muscular, Jack's limbs are disproportionately small when compared to his enormous torso (though their size is greatly increased in the anime, especially his arms). Miss Valentine As a result, the Beasts Pirates and Orochi managed to execute Oden and take over Wano Country. Vinsmoke Family Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [38], Due to Raizo's connection with the Kozuki Family and Kaido's goal in obtaining the secret his master, Kozuki Oden, possessed,[42] Jack went to great lengths to find the ninja and nearly reduced an entire country to rubble in the process. Kaido told them about their mission to find his son, Yamato, and that if they are successful in finding the latter, then they may have a chance to fight the All-Stars for a position as an All-Star within the crew. It was revealed in the Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary that he is a Giant Grouper Fishman. Stussy | Jack The Drought Vs. Zunisha (Zou Elephant)! Jack However, his fellow All-Stars (King and Queen) considered Jack to be the weakest. Waiters, Big Mom Pirates Powers/Skills As everyone was focused on the explosion, the Nine Red Scabbards appear. [12] His mouth contains pointed teeth[13] but while in his mammoth form he has square teeth. King and Queen, the other disasters, talk with Jack about whether he found new brokers the Beast Pirates can ally with since Doflamingo got defeated and arrested. [49], Twenty years ago, King, Queen, and Jack were present when Kaido set Oden Castle ablaze in order to kill the Kozuki Family with Jack only being eight years old at the time. Mr. 1 | 830 cm (27'3")[7] Smiley | Basil Hawkins appeared and told Kaido that Law and Luffy were at Oden's castle ruin.

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